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We're redesigning our website to make it easier for you to access our services and provide you with important information. Creating a slip, tracking your packages and accessing your address book stays exactly the same!

NJLS is the trusted name in business document delivery. Through our trained, professional couriers and fleet of modern, computer-dispatched vans we process more than 3,000,000 documents and packages annually, at rates up to 80% less than global carriers.

Add your firm or business to our growing list of clients who appreciate the convenience of a daily pickup and professional services at the lowest price available. Voted BEST Courier in 2012 in an independent poll of professionals, trust your deliveries to us.

NJLS: We Deliver Confidence (…and savings!)

Want to start saving money TODAY?

  1. Estimate how often you use overnight delivery each month. (It’s more than you think!)
  2. Set up your account while following along with our video tutorial
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  3. We will contact you immediately with your account number and welcome package, and walk you through our simple, online delivery slip system
  4. You’ll start saving 50 to 80% on your overnight packages!

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NJLS: We Deliver Confidence

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